Expert plumbers, Scottsdale Arizona

Expert plumbers, Scottsdale Arizona

One of the most usual problems that most of the homeowners face is the problem of plumbing, and if you are reading this article, then you may be having a plumbing issue in your home. Below is a solid list of tips gotten from our experts here at My Contractor Buddy. You can use these tips to help yourself resolve some plumbing issues on your own. Read on.


Plumbing product

First off, you should try out a live enzyme product like Bio-Clean for the upkeep of your sewer lines. By doing this, the grease or other byproducts keep the lines from getting clogged. Although the product is expensive, it can save you from a whole lot of hassle down the road.


Remove hoses

Bear in mind to remove hoses from the faucets, and this should be done before the faucets freeze in the cold season.


Water main

Check your lines to find out where the water main closes in your apartment or building. For instance, if you reside in a condominium, it is important that you check if each unit shuts off. You may want to also check if the entire building needs to be turned off. This will always come in handy if there’s a bad leak.



Check all stops under each sink and at the back of toilets if it could be turned without any problem. This way you can easily close them if you experience a problem.

New home

For those of us looking forward to buying a new home, do well to check the sewer lines to ensure that they don’t have any setting or root problems.


Other tips:

  • Find out where the clean-outs are
  • Opt for copper lines as galvanized water lines may rust or corrode
  • Avoid putting lots of starch or coffee grounds in the garbage disposal as they may clog the drain or attract grease that can accumulate over time.


So if you’re going to do some DIY home plumbing project, I suggest that you use the tips given by our experts above. But for difficult jobs or if you have any doubts that you may be unable to handle the fix then it is usually best to hire an expert plumber to avoid further damage.


For those in the Scottsdale Arizona area I’ve got good news for you, you can visit us at My Contractor Buddy to hire an expert residential plumber that uses quality materials and also makes sure that you’re satisfied by delivering reliable results.